Project Description

Rasse Paint Horse
Reg.-Nr. 1.036.684
Geburtsjahr 2013
Farbe Bay
Scheckung Tobiano
Stockmaß 155 cm
Decktaxe 800 €



Standort USA

Schwerpunkt Disziplinen


EMH n/n
GBED n/n
HERDA n/herda
HYPP n/n
OLWS n/n
PSSM n/n
Farbvererber tobiano: ja


Decktaxe + shipping and handling, Lebendfohlengarantie


If you are looking for a stallion for your 2019 breeding needs we would like you to consider Music Row….. „Waylon“ has a lot to offer he is out of the great John Simon, he has his sires traits, a great mind, beautiful movement and is a 100% color producer. His first foals are just now starting their careers and are proving themselves in tail in hand and color classes. This young stallion has got the look.


Jay and Jan Williams


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